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Training the modern workforce

Educating Engaging Empowering

Workforce Advance is committed to providing value to organizations and businesses with our customized training solutions. 

We believe employees are educated and empowered to be better assets to the organization when trained properly and diligently. The right training increases their knowledge, boosts their confidence and increases an employee’s value.

Our research proves that front line employees are best trained when they are engaged in the training process. All of our customized training offerings are built with methods that engage adult learners.

The American skills gap is a well-recognized and growing problem. Recent polls revealed skills in which manufacturing employees are most deficient:

Computer Skills

In this post modern age, it is important that employees master basic computer skills.

Technical and Math Skills

Math is used daily in industry jobs and a much needed tool to be successful. Math is necessary for fully understanding the technical aspects of manufacturing jobs. 

literacy Skills

Literacy is the foundation from which all other skills are learned. It is essential to move forward in the workforce.

Closing the Skills Gap

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