Compliance Audits

our AudiTS


We provide a thorough inspection of your site for OSHA compliance such as Lockout/Tagout, Haz Comm, Machine Guarding and Confined Space.


We inspect your facility’s compliance to state and federal regulations such as Stormwater/Wastewater, Universal waste and Hazardous Waste. 


We review your FMP’s (Facility Management Practices) to ensure proper execution from production to maintenance to quality control and inventory management.

Audit Framework

Workforce Advance conducts audits in order to determine if the client’s facility meets regulatory requirements. Actual facility practices are evaluated against regulatory requirements as well as per facility’s own internal procedures.

Once the audit is completed, a report will be issued to serve as the record of the audit. The observations of any deficiencies in compliance will be clearly indicated.

It is in the best interest of the client to see audit reports as an opportunity to address any gaps within their systems and practices.