How to Write Procedures Employees Can Actually Follow

Most employees will not read long and detailed procedures. The longer and detailed they are, the less likely they will even consider skimming the document. The purpose of a procedure is to ensure employees follow and perform the steps of a process so there are fewer errors and that each person following the procedure performs […]

Onboarding with Standard Operating Procedures

The process of on-boarding an employee with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training is one that many regulated organizations have to do. I am even more familiar with how every organization has a method to document that the new employee “read and understood” each SOP. We want to prove to the auditors that we performed our […]

August 8th 2015 – Career & Interview Coaching Seminar

On August 8th 2015 Career Coach LLC will host a 4 hour Career & Interview Coaching Seminar at the Wyndham Wingate Hotel in Irving (Las Colinas), TX.   “Our goal is to EDUCATE AND EMPOWER you with the proper tools and insight so that you will be better prepared to find success in your career search.”  

Deming’s Training Philosophy -Part 1

For those reading that have been even mildly involved in anything “quality” are familiar with W. Edwards Deming and his famously penned “14 Points for Management”. Mr. Deming’s rich educational background and positions of influence in the U.S. government led him to Japan where he was a consultant to Japanese businesses. His message of the power of […]