The Technique that Guarantees a Better Training

We see it all around us. Social media cues us into what captures someones attention…amazing visuals! We are much more drawn to visuals than ever before. Not only are we drawn to images that can capture a thousand words, people retain the imagery better than words describing the same thing. So why not use the […]

Critical Thinking as a Training Tool

Developing the critical thinking skills of a employee can be vital to the individuals success and in turn can be of value to the business. Training in the professional setting requires that facts be given by the trainer but comprehension of the training content must be assessed but not solely on the retention of the material learned. Critical thinking in […]

Deming’s Training Philosophy Part 2

W. Edwards Deming’s first philosophy on training and education was “Institute training on the job” and is probably the easier one to understand and implement. This philosophy is based on training employees on the skill set needed to get the job done. Training should be performed using platforms that engage the employees and hands on […]